Thursday, December 16, 2010


We are literally BOMBARDED by contraception and its mentality. We are bombarded by media, doctors, nurses, family, friends, coworkers and even total strangers.

From the Media: Television, Magazines, Billboards, Mailings, Internet, Radio at home, in the market, in the car, at the mall, in the grocery store, at the doctors office, etc., etc., etc.!

From Doctors: "Well, you are about to have your second child; would you like me to sterilize you afterward-It'll just take a second (ok, a slight exageration on the time comment)?"

From Nurses: "Wow-Congratulations on your new baby. Now, Mrs. .... What kind of birth control do you plan to use?"

From Family: "You guys are done now, aren't you? What, you can't seriously be thinking about having any MORE! (this after baby number two)" "Why????"

From Friends: "Why would you want to have anymore kids? You guys are done, right?"

From Coworkers: "Don't you know what causes that?"

From Strangers: Upon seeing a family with more than two in public- "Are these all yours!?"
"Are you gonna have any more?" "Wow-You really have your hands full!" "Aren't you concerned with over-population?"

It takes great courage and faith to stand up under all this pressure. To say "Yes" to God by following His plan for love and marriage- to accept the gift of a child.

Couples must know about the existance of NFP because everywhere they turn they are bombarded with contraception. This builds tremendous fear into people about getting pregnant and having children.

The use of NFP breaks down those fears because the idea of the child is always connected to the ultimate act of love the couple share- so the child then becomes the 'the fruit of their love'. If the couple sees the child as the fruit of their love, then they see the child as a gift and if they see the child as a gift, it changes the way they feel about children- the ones they have and their future children. How we see something changes the way we experience it- seeing a child as a gift makes parenting that child different for the parent and the child. It's beautiful.