Sunday, November 28, 2010

Annoying Magazine Headline

Recently, while standing in line at the grocery store, I read the MOST ANNOYING magazine headline: "........., Bored With .......... in Bed" (names removed to prevent gossip). After I was done being totally irritated, I began to rejoice. I rejoiced because being Catholic is so awesome! And if my husband and I practice the basics of our faith - we never have to worry about being 'bored in bed'.

When a couple uses contraception, lust-getting vs. love-giving gradually becomes the focus. Naturally, over time women tend to begin to feel used and men, frustrated and both -resentful. Lust, being never satisfied, creates the possibility of the 'bored in bed' syndrome.

When I am tempted to act out of lust- say for chocolate- there isn't enough chocolate for me on the entire planet OR in the whole universe and even when I do have some (and I have a lustful attitude), I am thinking about the next bite- I can't even enjoy the one I have in my mouth (don't you just hate that!).

The use of NFP prevents lust from operating. I'll write about how in another post later.

Couples who use NFP also rarely ever divorce- the NFP divorce rate is .2% or 2 in a 1000 (vs. the 50% society rate- 500 out of a 1000).

I am so excited to be teaching NFP again- post baby. Following the Church's teachings by using NFP has blessed our marriage in so many ways. I am so happy to get to share with couples what will divorce-proof their marriages, give them a honeymoon every month and open the floodgates of grace into family life.